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What is Tonquin?

Tonquin is creating a marketplace opportunity for independent delivery providers to get connected with auto part suppliers that need your service!

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The mobile app has a range of features that makes any seasoned delivery provider feel at home and any new providers work with ease.

Vendors and their customers are established business’ that are easy to communicate with and friendly.

 Start a delivery business servicing auto part suppliers!

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• A vehicle and a smartphone

• Be at least 21 years old.

Pass our free, online DMV and background checks.

Documents Requirements

Itʼs Rewarding

Add your credit or debit card to get paid for your work and time, along with a range of other rewarding aspects like freedom, control and purpose.

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Some of our Vendor :

Say goodbye to stressful situations.

There are plenty of perks delivering for auto part suppliers. Here are just a few.

Drive Parts Not People

You won't have strange people entering in and out of your car.

Eliminate Food Odors

Your car will not have that lingering, unattractive stale food smell.

Flexible Hours

Customers will typically need you between 7am - 9pm. But you have the independence to deliver when you want.

Perks of starting your delivery business with Tonquin

We offer competitive, fast payment options and we're busier when other apps aren't!

Earn More on Average

Your earnings are transferred to your bank account every week.

The more you drive, the more you get paid.

Cash Out Fast

• Have a valid US drivers license.

• Upload proof or vehicle registration and insurance.

• Using our payment processing partner Stripe, connect a way to get paid!